Copier Leasing – A Comprehensive Guide to the Process

Get the scoop on copier leasing – from start to finish. We're here to simplify the process for your office needs.

Ever wondered how copier leasing works? If you’re starting a business or just curious, you’re in the right place. Let’s break down the process without the fuss.
So, here’s the scoop. You’re looking at a copier that could set you back more than $10,000, and it doesn’t gain value over time. This is the exact reason that makes leasing more sensible, and we usually opt for a 60-month leasing contract.




Before that, let’s break down this leasing dynamic. So, you, the customer, are eyeing a copier. You turn to the dealer to make it happen. They then proceed with submitting the deal to the finance house for a lease. Now, here’s where the money flows: your monthly copy charges? Those come to the dealer because they are the ones providing you with the service. But when it comes to the monthly leasing cost, that goes directly to the finance house. So, in a nutshell, you’re settling up with us for the service, and with the finance house for the lease – simple as that.




  1. Choose your Model:
    First things first – pick the copier that fits your needs. Do you require vibrant prints? Go for a color copier. If it’s all about straightforward documents, black and white might be your thing. Consider the pace of your office – do you need a high-speed model? Think about extra features like stapling or hole-punching. And don’t forget your team size – how many users will be tapping into this copier daily? Keep it practical, and choose a copier that suits your workspace.

  2. Get a Quotation from a Dealership:
    Head to your dealership, grab a quotation – clear numbers, no jargon.

  3. Document Submission for Leasing:
    If the quotation checks out, it’s paperwork time. Your director’s NRIC and the company’s bank statements for the last three months are needed for the leasing application.
    Leasing Partners: You’ve got options. Three key finance houses in Singapore – Orix Leasing Singapore Limited, Mitsubishi HC Capital Asia Pacific, and ETHOZ Group. These finance houses are backed by banks in Singapore, ensuring your copier leasing journey is one that is trustworthy.

  4. Approval & Delivery:
    Once your lease has been approved, we will deliver the copier to your office.

  5. Signing Leasing Documents:
    Sign the leasing documents and make your first payment. Once done, the leasing contract takes a quick detour back to the finance houses for execution.

  6. Contract Confirmation:
    You’ll get a signed copy of the contract from the finance house. It’s the final confirmation, sealing the deal on your copier leasing journey. Simple and straightforward.

In a nutshell, copier leasing is a straightforward solution for businesses, and we’re here to make it even simpler.


At Align Plus, we’re not just about copiers; we’re about finding the perfect copier solution for your unique needs. Our commitment lies in being reasonably priced, ensuring top-notch quality, and delivering prompt service.
Wondering how we can align your office productivity with A+ cost efficiency? Let our dedicated team guide you. Share a bit about your requirements, and our salesman will reach out with a tailor-made solution.

Get the scoop on copier leasing – from start to finish. We’re here to simplify the process for your office needs.
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